“Liliane is a such professional photographer and artist, she made me feel comfortable since she opens the door of her studio. It was my first photo shoot ever and believe me I cannot stay still for a long time when a camera is in front of me: she showed patience and understanding and I love the pictures she made. She caught my inner beauty, my soul and it was a fun and lovely experience in my life”
Roberta Colombano

eight apples

There are 8 apples in this pictures, each containing a few seeds that all have the potential to become a beautiful apple tree. However maybe just a few really grow into a full grown tree. Probably none of these apples will become a tree. I’ll eat them, and afterwards throw them away, and so the seeds…

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Nothing is really yours. We don’t own anything in life, just as we ourselves can not be owned by anything else. So we shouldn’t live our life in fear of losing something or someone. This is the true experience of freedom: to have the most important thing in life without owning it.

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