“For me being a true photographer has always been  about finding passion in sharing messages”

O ver the years I have used photography to connect to my own authentic voice. That wild and untamed creature that is in all of us. I now want to help women by using photography to connect them to their core and express who they are. By portraying them in a way that acknowledges something that has always been there: beauty, value and power.

I believe that within every woman there is an inner power that needs to be seen. An inner power that exudes self love, self worth and self empowerment. An inner power that is beautiful, sensual, creative, elegant and wise.  

My name is Liliane and I specialise in women’s portrait photography. I am a photographer, see-er, scorpio, introvert, dreamer. I become a better photographer when my mind is in peace and I can find silence. Because it is in this silence that I am aware of myself and my surroundings, and this empowers me to connect. This counts for both my work as my everyday life.

Inspired by the Wild Women archetype described in “Women who run with the Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes I am learning to be wild again.